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Winter Solstice

early morning wind;

snow blows

through the darkness

onto the garden shed

river birch leans

into a flaky

cloud  of feathers

on the roof

a pigeon nest rocks

twigs and grass

fly by my window

(c) Mary Harrison, 12-21-12


I wake early

to lengthen the days


shrouded in memories—

photos, shells, stones

yesterday’s  triumphs

and failures


the bones

(c) Mary Harrison 12-22-12


morning stillness

a lone robin

invokes spring

“tzeeup, tzeeup”

frost gathers

on the sweet

gum tree

clings to the fruit

glistens on the grass


early face of morning


my spiny soul

(c) Mary Harrison 12-22-12




What mother wants to remember

the death of her child?

One happened in August

when the sun was fierce and

the air stood still.

Grass burned and

lakes dried out, and he

no longer wanted to live.

Another, in February

after a short illness;

an ice storm locked doors,

froze flowers;

bent, broken, they

lay on the ground,

mourners footprints

covered by ice,

the earth unmoving..

Birthdays, Christmas, 4th of July,

other holidays.

It seems every month is a cause

for grief.

And I ask myself,

Is this why I’m here—

to guide and love and cherish,

to watch them die

before they have

a chance to live,

to let them go

before my own life


(c) Mary Harrison, October 30, 2012

Green walnuts
ground covered leaves
bare feet wading
of earth-scent —
magenta, burnt orange,
sunset red

(c) Mary Harrison, October 30, 1012

Lightning split, it
clings to the roof
heart leaves
crisp and curling
once shaded ground
now a desert’s
fluttering wing
dried-up throat
watching the ruins.

(c) Mary Harrison, October 30, 1012

‘fool’s gold’
bogus acquisitions
leading nowhere.

(c) Mary Harrison, October 30, 1012